Front-End Developer

Job description

UENI is a "do-it-with-me" solution that sets us apart from DIY website builders and expensive digital agencies. We take an innovative approach to getting small businesses online by reducing the friction for a business owner to do so. UENI structures the data it collects from a business and creates a website for each business and listings on other high traffic platforms. We thus enable these businesses to complete online for the first time. 

Over the past 6 months we have grown our sign-ups by 10x and we are signing up 2,500+ businesses everyday and we operate in the UK, Spain, France, the US, LATAM, India and we are growing our global presence every month.

Our success is down to the brilliant people we’ve hired, and their commitment to growing our vision. As a developer, you will need to be a master of your domain, someone for whom computers are second nature. You code to be an effective problem solver, and take pride in the quality and structure of your solutions. If you’re not the best programmer you know, you learn from them.

The UENI dev team currently consists of 9 developers of varying experience. We are working on a tech stack of Kubernetes, Docker, MySQL, Python3 + Django Elasticsearch, and React.



  • 5+ years of front-end development experience 

  • Minimum of 1 year using ReactJS 

  • Solid experience of complex JavaScript (ES6)

Desirable technical skills: 

  • Unit Testing 

  • Appreciation of Code Quality/Coding Standards 

  • Ability/experience of utilizing standard design patterns 

  • RESTful services/API 

  • Server-side development experience 

  • Agile experience (SCRUM, KANBAN, TDD) 

  • Good eye for aesthetics and user experience